Food Swap Friday – Frozen Yogurt for Sorbet

It’s summer. We all want that sweat treat. And as you know, I am of the belief that we all deserve a sweet treat here and there. Of course, its always best to make it count, which is why todays food swap features Strawberry Frozen Yogurt in place of Strawberry sorbet.

Why? While Sorbet is an ideal choice for those who are lactose intolerant, it doesn’t provide any protein or calcium, whereas Strawberry Frozen Yogurt provides a little protein and calcium, despite them having similar caloric counts.

It really comes down to you might as well get goodness out of your treat, right?

Sorbet for Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Sorbet (1/2 cup): 121 calories, 0 milligrams calcium, 0 grams protein

Strawberry Nonfat Frozen Yogurt (1/2 cup): 117 calories, 150 milligrams calcium, 4 grams protein


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