Thursday Thoughts – Why Buy A Challenge Pack?

Why Challenge Packs? Because they offer everything you need, the complete solution of Fitness + Nutrition + Support + Rewards, which equals SUCCESS. YOUR commitment is the only missing ingredient!

Challenge Pack Beachbody Challenge

When you purchase a Challenge Pack, you receive:

Fitness – any Beachbody fitness program of your choosing.

Nutrition – a 30 day supply of nutrient-dense Shakeology, and YOU choose your flavor(s).

Support – Me, your Coach! Plus, access to my Accountability & Support Challenge groups for daily accountability, motivation, inspiration, recipes, meal plans… everything!

Rewards – Entered into the Beachbody Challenge Contest! You also get a t-shirt for every program you complete, for free! What better way to show the world you committed to your health and fitness?

Success – by achieving your goals!

Truly, with such a variety of programs and trainers, there is truly something for everyone! And as a bonus, when you get the Club Membership, you get to check out a bunch of Beachbody’s programs to see which ones you like!

I’m here to help you – we will be doing it together! I need the accountability just as much as anybody else, and teamwork helps. Let’s chat! Comment below if you are R E A D Y to get the healthy, fit body you have always wanted, and to feel G O O D!


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