Wednesday Wisdom – Life Rules

What constitutes a happy life for you? Of course, such a topic varies from person to person, but I want to know what YOU consider a happy life! Leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂

lifes rules

There are a few basic tenets of a happy life, but going deeper than that, I have… (not in any particular order!)

  1. LOVE – Love boasts quite a lot of benefits. People who feel loved are more apt to love in return, and feel healthier and happier.
  2. Time with friends/family – you don’t need a BIG family or a LOT of friends to be happy. You need trustworthy ones who add value and adventure to your life. You need friends who will be there through the highs and lows, and family that won’t turn their backs on you.
  3. Health – this one is challenging because while it is totally something to strive for, unfortunately not EVERYTHING health related is in our control. But, you should be proactive in controlling and managing what you CAN… because it is a lot easier to be proactive and maintain health than it is to be ill and have to recover. Your health should matter greatly to you, because it really affects most aspects of your life!
  4. Give more than you receive – Now, before anyone gets on my case… I do like to receive, I mean I think we all do. But there is way more reward and feel-good feelings in being the giver, and I love that feeling. It feels good to help others feel good. In fact, thats why I have been a Beachbody Coach for so long now – it just plain feels good to help others feel the same way!
  5. Live with gratitude – there is nothing more discouraging and disappointing than someone being ungrateful. For whatever you have, be grateful for it. There are others out there who could only hope to one day have such things. Coming from, and living in, a place of gratitude is the ultimate model of living. Gratitude begets gratitude.
  6. Finding, and keeping, your life’s purpose. I only really discovered what it is that makes me tick, what my lifes purpose is, in the last year, and its made a huge difference on how I live my life, really. Anyone can live, after all, we were all given life… but not everyone realizes their true calling in life. Find your purpose and nurture it.
  7.  Believe in yourself – this is also a semi-new concept for me. But truly, to be able to do anything, you simply just need to believe that you can. It actually is that simple. When you operate of the belief that you CAN, you make it happen. You find a way. And life helps you out! Believe in yourself!
  8. LAUGH – This one is my favorite, because a life without laughter is a really sad, sad existence. I love to laugh, and a nice belly laugh truly can fix anything! Life is too short to take everything too seriously. Of course, you have to take some things seriously, but outside of that… just laugh. Keep laughing.

Of course, this is a running list! What falls into your list of non-negotiables?


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