Superfood Saturday – Asparagus


I have to eat crow, here. I can very vivdly remember my mom making Asparagus Sandwiches (sauteed asparagus on toasted bread with salt and pepper), and gagging just watching her. She loved it, and ate it often, and I gagged. I didn’t like asparagus. Asparagus was just one of my two real vegetable holdouts as a kid. I didn’t like asparagus and I didn’t like Brussels sprouts. I have no idea why.

Fast forward to about… hmm 5-6 years ago, the roommate of my then-boyfriend (now husband!) grilled some up. I believe they had some Parmesan cheese, some balsamic, and salt and pepper. And I don’t quite remember how I agreed to try one, but I did. I think it was the fact that this kid, a chef, had such a broad knowledge of food, and such a variety of ways to prep it, that I really had this kind of unwavering trust – I would pretty much try anything he made, he had that much skill with food.

So I agreed to try it, and it was DELICIOUS. And I was HOOKED. My husband makes it frequently and I can never get enough, it’s so good.

And here’s the best part: it’s SO GOOD for you! It is loaded with all sorts of benefits! It’s a little superfood powerhouse!



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