Workout Wednesday – Next Round of Hammer & Chisel!

You probably recall me mentioning Hammer and Chisel and how much I loved the program, and my results. So much so, that I am gearing up for round 2 starting 30May (it is 8 weeks and I timed it to finish JUST before I head to Coach Summit).

And I am inviting YOU to JOIN me!

It’s 8 weeks, 2 trainers, a fabulous variety of workouts, and a great challenge that would have you in the best shape of your life for summer!

Easy? No. Sorry, EASY doesn’t get you to your goals.

Worth it? Yes!

Got what it takes to join me?

next round hammer and chisel

Ready to give it a shot? Wanna give it a 1-2 punch by using Shakeology to power you along?

HC CP Order

Only want the Hammer & Chisel program?

HC components


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