Motivation Monday – Mind over Matter

Happy Monday!

Mindset is spoken of frequently on my team… because its SUPER important!

Basically, mindset controls everything, affects everything, and changes everything. If you get into the mindset that you can do anything, or if you can’t YET you will keep going until you can, your body will follow. But if your body is getting the cue from your mind that nah, we can’t do this… of course your body will listen.

Your body is taking all of its cues from your brain – your mind. Send out positive, can-do vibes, and your mind will soak them up. Put out “I can’t do this vibes” and nope, you can’t.

your body cant go where you mind wont push it

Actually push your body. This is where the change comes, pushing and going further. Keep going, keep pushing, keep trying.


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