Try It Thursday – Early Morning Workouts

Any morning fans here? I know, I basically heard all of you groan…

early morning workouts


But in all honesty, it takes a few days, maybe a couple of weeks to adjust to, but getting into the habit of getting up earlier, before the world is awake, and quietly going and getting your workout taken care of. No seriously, hear me out! I know ALL too hard it is to climb out of a cozy, warm bed, and do something active before your eyes are even really open… but something amazing happens when you do! There is SUCH a powerful feeling when you put the most important part of your health first.

Life tends to unravel, and taunt us with unexpected things when we think we have a plan. Knowing that NO MATTER WHAT happens the rest of the day, your workout is already done; you took care of your body… it is so powerful. Putting it off and then having plans change sometimes means it doesn’t get done. When you wake up earlier and get it done first thing, nothing can derail that!

It took me a few days but the feeling I got knowing it wasn’t even 6 am, the sun wasn’t even awake yet, but my workout was all done really had a profound effect, and it jazzed me up and inspired me. And it actually HELPED me wake up! When you are moving your body, you have no choice but to wake up!

It’s peaceful. There are no continuous cars coming down your street, no dogs barking (at least I hope not), kiddos are asleep, no one is hogging the TV or the equipment, no distractions… its just you, the sweat, and your workout!

It’s a great habit to adopt, honestly. Since I started working out early mornings, there was only one day I couldn’t do that and had to put it off until 5 when I got home from work… and all day I felt that anxiety, knowing something important still had to be done. It was such a difference from the other days when I would saunter into work for 7 am and know that already, I took care of my top priority. Truth be told, I felt like a badass. I felt like a boss. I felt like my actions were aligning with my goals, and it felt awesome.

I challenge you to try doing it for ONE week – if it is not for you and you truly can’t manage to do it, that’s okay, but you won’t really know until you give it a real, HONEST attempt. I know it sounds awful in theory, but you really do get a sense of accomplishment from it (and then its nice to climb BACK into bed to cuddle for a few, knowing it’s done!)



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