Make It Work Wednesday – Find The Time You Thrive

I’m constantly being asked how I do it – how I manage to get myself up and out of a warm bed at 430 in the morning – before the sun, or anyone else is up, to sweat it out.

For starters, I should confess that I’m a morning person. And I am a morning person who LOVES getting her health taken care of first thing in the morning.
Yes, me and 0430 have become best buddies!
But I also set myself up to succeed. I check the schedule the night before and put the workout in the DVD player. I have my water ready, hard boiled eggs or Greek yogurt and berries ready, and I sleep in my workout clothes so really all I have to do is get up, grab my water, and push play.
And you’re probably thinking “but aren’t you tiiiiiired” and yeah, I usually am, for about the first minute or two. And then I’m wide awake, naturally. Because that’s what moving your body does – it energizes you!
It’s not always easy but it’s become easier and easier every time I do it, and then I get to relish in feeling like a BADASS all day, because no matter what else does or doesn’t happen, I took care of myself. And that euphoric feeling really DOES make it a lot easier. It feels amazing to know I have one less major thing to do when I get home from work. I am not good with putting things off – I very much prefer to get it done as soon as I can.
Plus there is something to be said for working out in the quietness – few, if any cars passing by, no phones ringing, no distractions, it’s just quiet, and so I can focus on getting. it. done.
If you plan it out, and stick it out for a few days, you would probably find the euphoric feeling trumps any feeling of being tired. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Plan to succeed, and BIG THINGS HAPPEN.

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