Motivation Monday – Be the Boss

Any emotional eaters out there? Maybe you let food dictate your lifestyle? Maybe you can’t control your intake? Maybe you start off with honorable intentions but before you know it, you are in a downward spiral?

I get it. I have my bouts of emotional eating – it takes a lot of discipline to not undo years of hard work in one sitting. It is a battle every day, and will be a battle til my last day on Earth, I predict.

Being a regular Shakeology drinker really helps me with this, because I can mimic specific tastes in a healthy way.

But do me a favor here: STOP letting food be the boss of you. Regain the control. Slowly but surely. Show it who is boss – YOU ARE. It’s YOUR body.

Stop Letting Food Be The Boss Of You

It’s not easy, and it isn’t fun – but you deserve to be in control. You deserve to find a healthier way to channel your energy and emotions. Food is not the answer. We should look to food as something to nourish ourselves with, not something to blanket our emotions with.

And perhaps my hand was forced with my Diabetes diagnosis, but if you pay attention to this blog, you know I see that diagnosis as a blessing in disguise (once past the initial shock!).

My candy habit was out of control. I mean OUT of control. I would go to Five Below and leave with 5 packages of Haribo’s gummy candy (my real weakness), and I especially LOVED sour candy – basically anything coated in sugar was my best friend!

Had I not been diagnosed Diabetic? I might still be on that path, and I might have much more problems than I do now. As it is, Diabetes is nothing to sneeze at, but I work hard to control it. I find myself worth this battle.

Start by changing your mindset on food. Emotional eating is not the answer. There are healthier ways to channel your energy – take a kickboxing class, take a healthy cooking class… spring into ACTION. And you will find, if you stay consistent, the grip food has on you will lessen, and YOU will be the boss.

You can do it. I know you can.


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