Motivation Monday – Keep the Faith and Trust the Process

keep the faith and trust the process

I know, both of those terms sound fairly cliche, huh? They are totally true, though. And I learned this in entirety during my Hammer & Chisel stint! I completed in full, the one program that I actually gave up on the first time I tried it – I even threw the DVD in a fit (grateful it did not break or scratch….). I was just so annoyed, it was the worst time, and I HATE feeling like I can’t do something. Usually that feeling fuels me but, my body was SO spent from everything else, all it did was defeat me.

So when I decided to try again, after the craziness of moving and unpacking was done, just after my Mentor had me watch an incredible video that really resonated with me, I vowed to be 100% committed – that nothing was gonna stop me from completing this program, honestly. No skipping days, nothing. I knew in my heart that it was gonna challenge me and I was probably gonna cry… but I knew in my heart I could do it – that’s where the faith came in. Having faith in myself boosted my confidence.

And then I had to trust the process… I had to trust that Sagi and Autumn were not actually trying to kill me (I am still NOT fully convinced guys!), but instead they were working me so that I could reach my goals, and get my body to where it deserved to be – happy, healthy, strong and fit. I had to trust that, though it FELT like I was seriously dying sometimes, and it felt like I couldn’t do it – with a little (okay fine, a LOT) of determination, I actually could. And I wasn’t dying!

It was challenging. It was harder than I thought. It required a lot of circling back to my WHY, and it became personal – I was so invested in it, and I figured if I came this far and sweat that much and worked that hard, it would be criminal not to finish!

The best things in life usually require effort, and stepping outside of our comfort zones. Keep the faith, and trust the process!


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