Workout Wednesday – Guns, Buns and Abs Challenge

We are almost halfway through our 30 Day Guns Buns and Abs Challenge, and I am loving it! The group is killing it… they probably want to kill ME, as I am the one who designed the challenge, but hey, they are powering through and becoming stronger for it, so I’m okay with being a little hated 🙂

The Challenge is simple in nature – 3 moves, going up incrementally. We are doing Pushups (regular or modified), Squats (weighted or nonweighted), and Leg Lifts.

Placed strategically are specific-move “rest” days – it’s only ever a rest from one move, the other two moves you do. We start with 50 Squats, 5 Pushups, and 25 Leg lifts, and we will end with 250 Squats, 40 Pushups, and 100 Leg Lifts 🙂

I wanted to do this Challenge to show people, especially ones that want to get back in shape but have no idea where to begin, that you just start, and you work your way up to doing more, and being stronger. The power of consistency is totally in play here, and that is the message I am trying to show them. I know it can be scary to dive in, and a lot of people overthink it, or think they have to go and spend hundreds on snazzy workout clothing, and I mean yeah thats nice, but honestly, the first step is just to BEGIN!

just begin x6

Just start! Do something, if you can’t do something specific yet, keep building up until you can! This is how everyone gets to the level they are at – they work constantly and consistently to be better, to challenge themselves, to get stronger, better, faster, fitter.



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