Motivation Monday – Idols become Rivals

Fun fact: at any given time, there is someone who is stronger than us. Faster than us. Better than us.

But it’s not a competition – I mean certainly, take the people you admire and look up to, and use them as a benchmark, if you will. They may be a bit more advanced than you, but truly nothing is stopping you from achieving that too. Use them and their accomplishments as inspiration to achieve your own goals. They did it, so you can too.
Work until your idols become your rivalsJust keep working! Work until you are on their level. Compete with only yourself, but there is nothing wrong with finding motivation from others.

You will get there. Just keep going! That’s what THEY did – they kept going, through any obstacles, any trials, any tribulations… they just kept going. And thats how they got to where they are!

What’s stopping you from doing the same?

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