Friday Fun

This past week is the last of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group I have been co-running (yes, I still run other groups even if I am doing a different program!), and we decided to have a little fun this last week. We setup for Motivation Monday (share one of your favorite motivational quotes), Tush Tuesday (show how all those squats are shaping your bum!), Wacky Wednesday – come up with the craziest workout outfit you can, Thirsty Thursday – selfie with your Shakeology or your water, any healthy beverage, and of course, finishing up the week with a nice Flex Friday!

It’s been a lot of fun – I know there are some people who still don’t believe fitness can be fun, but it can be! You just have to put some effort in! I mean, one of our girls did her workout in a wildly crazy tutu, and what harm does that do? NONE! It just makes it more fun 🙂
blog pic 5 things

I am fairly known for my love of motivational quotes, so I kept it simple with this one. Wednesday I worked out with a red white and blue tutu,  patterned yoga pants and a bright orange shirt, my thirsty Thursday is of course my Shakeology, and boom there’s the Flex Friday!

Fun times!


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