Truthbomb Tuesday – Junk the Junk

Look in your kitchen – is it free of temptations, free of processed foods that would love nothing more than to derail the hard work you are putting in?

Real talk here: you need to get rid of it. Donate it, give it to a friend, however you can, but you have to get rid of it. There are going to be times during your program where you feel a lack of willpower, and temptations are going to take that and turn it into a disaster, a binge of epic proportions.

I get it, throwing it away is wasteful, and giving it someone else is just as bad because bad stuff is bad stuff – for everyone! But truthfully, this is one of those instances where I would prefer being wasteful over spreading processed junk.

If there is nothing tempting hanging out in your pantry, you are much MUCH more inclined to stick to your cleaner eating regimen. This is a fact, even the most disciplined people know they can’t have the stuff on hand because “just a bite” turns into “just the whole bag”. Happens to the best, seriously.

To truly succeed with your clean eating, you need to be honest, and set yourself up for success. Once you start eating whole, nutritious foods regularly, your desire for junk food WILL subside, I promise. We basically numb our taste buds with the processed junk, so once we start weaning from that, we start to TASTE the REAL food we are eating. At first, it may not taste so good because again, our taste buds are expecting sugar and all the other stuff that goes along with processed junk. Keep with it, and as you break the addiction to sugar, you will find REAL food has a LOT more flavor!

ps no, this is not my graphic, but its so gorgeous and vibrant, and I actually follow Rebel Dietitian on social media – she has great information!


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