Workout Wednesday – Hammer and Chisel

Some of you guys might remember me talking about Hammer and Chisel – the first time I tried it, I didn’t stick with it, instead just doing some of it here and some of it there – it was in the middle of the craziness with moving and packing and buying the house and finishing all of my craft projects, and my body was just like nope, we’re not ready for something this intense. And so since I have made it a practice over the last couple of years to REALLY listen and be in tune with my body, I listened.

S0, about a month ago, a couple of my fellow Beachbody Coaches and I just decided to do it start to finish, stick to the schedule, really prove what we are capable of (and get toned and strong in the process!)

I was nervous because it’s a pretty intense program and like I said, my first go at it was not splendid… but I committed to it 100% and I am proud of myself! We only get 1 rest day per week, but I have learned to make it count! I haven’t missed a single day, and on Sunday I reached the halfway mark – how exciting! I think the biggest victory here is that once I set my mind to it, nothing else really mattered – I was bound and determined to myself that I could do it, start to finish, without missing workouts (and my eating has been mostly sensible!) – what once seemed COMPLETELY daunting is now halfway done, and if I got this far, I CAN and WILL finish!

Displaying IMG_1092.JPGDisplaying IMG_1092.JPGBefore Hammer and Chisel

This is my Before shot – can’t wait to see the After shot!

What workout circuit are YOU working on?

We have online accountability and support groups – if you feel like this would help you reach your goals, reach out, friend me on Facebook – Kara Pettigrew Aguiar – and we’ll get you motivated and inspired! šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – Hammer and Chisel

    1. Thats awesome! Extreme is definitely no joke! Very effective though šŸ™‚

      I hope you have a support and accountability group to help you! If not, reach out šŸ™‚

      I’d love to see your results if you are up for sharing them!

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      1. Thanks! I do, I’ll also be running my first accountability group within the next few weeks. I’m so excited and ready to jump in to the coaching side of things. I’ll be posting results on my blog very shortly!

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