Motivation Monday – Number One Skill in Life…

Who agrees? I mean, does anything really matter more than this? Never giving up?

number one skill - never giving up

You have to keep reaching, keep trying, keep failing, and keep going. It’s not about how many times you fail – some of the biggest successes in our generation also came AFTER the biggest number of failures.

Where would our world be if people gave up? Would we have the medical advancements that we do? Would we be such a technologically-capable world? Would we have the advanced science that we do? We wouldn’t have as many amazing inventions as we are blessed to have, and we certainly wouldn’t have the substantial arts, literature, and musical compositions that we do.

The beauty of life and living it is celebrating your failures AND your successes. Failure means you are trying! Success means you tried over and over again until you got it. BOTH are worthy of respect and admiration (and neither is easy!).

So never give up. Think how differently your life would be without medicines to help your ails, and all the other advancements we have, had those people given up, and let that inspire YOU to never give up.


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