Sugar Shock Saturday – Shamrock Shake

If you know me or this blog at all, you know I rarely call things out, instead focusing on healthy alternatives, etc.

I have heard for years of this monstrosity called a Shamrock Shake, but have never (and WILL NEVER) tried it. My coworker and I were talking about how excited he is to get his, and I just kinda stared in disbelief.

I knew they were bad for you but I truly and really DID NOT know just HOW bad they are. The only words I can think of to associate with this are obnoxious, and dangerous.

Dangerous for anyone. Diabetics, or non-Diabetics. Children, or adults. NO ONE needs this thing. Do you know why? It’s absolutely SHOCKING sugar counts.

A small (12oz) Shamrock Shake has 86g of Carbs, and 73g of Sugar. A medium (16oz) has 109g of Carbs and 93g of Sugar. And the large, at 22oz, has a WHOPPING 135g of Carbs and 115g of Sugar.

I mean that’s insane! Those are almost my daily carb counts set by my nutritionist (around 30-45g per meal). In one drink! If you averaged it out, per ounce, there are 7.16g of Carbs and 6.08g of Sugar. Those numbers are astounding (and yes, I would totally think so as a non-Diabetic as well!). There is no one on Earth who needs that much sugar, no one.

Again, I am not really one to clutch my pearls because I am no stranger to how messed up the world can be, but that is just atrocious!

And just in case anyone thinks I am exxagerating or reporting falseties, nope, this information is straight from the McDonald’s website

Just awful. Tomorrow I will be posting a MUCH healthier, much less sugary version of the Shamrock Shake, so stay tuned and get your fix in a healthy way!


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