Motivation Monday – Stumbles

Okay, it’s one of those tough love kinda days here… and I speak from experience, as this concept has had to be absolutely DRILLED into my head.

Stumbles ARE going to happen. There is not ONE journey out there that has not had them. Not one. If you can find me someone who can prove otherwise, I will concede, but if and until that day happens, DO NOT let stumbles be the end of your journey!

Stumbles will happen. Usually at the most inopportune of times, but this is a great time to look inward and see how bad you really want something.

never let a stumble in the rosd be the end of your journey

You have to be willing to fail forward – and THAT is the concept my team/Upline has had to drill into my head. I have failed. And at those moments I have wanted to give up, and give in. Instead, I regrouped and gave it all I have.

And thats what you have to do, if you want something. Don’t see the failure as the end; don’t use it as an excuse to quit. Let it strengthen your resolve, dig your heels in, and try again.

If you let the stumble be the end of the journey, you’ll never know what you are capable of. You are bigger than any stumble; any obstacle!

So again, here comes the most common question: how bad do you want it?

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