Sunday Shakeology – Almond Honeypot

Bringing out some Greenberry Shakeology today! I don’t do enough recipes with this one. Someone asked me what I feel Greenberry tastes like, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it. About a week later, my friend commented and said it tastes like the Captain Crunch cereal – and it does!

It’s good and fruity, and the honey and Almond Milk in this recipe really temper it out and add a sweet but nutty flavor. It’s delicious! I know Almond Milk isn’t as beneficial as actual almonds, but I dislike the texture of a Shake with blended nuts in it, so either almond extract (a few drops) or Almond Milk works better for this recipe.

Almond Honeypot

Do you like the flavor of Almond? Worth noting: almonds themselves are great for Diabetics due to their low glycemic response 🙂


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