Thursday Thoughts – Be Kind

Okay so, slight rant here. Can we as a society stop judging books by their covers?  I have been small my whole life. If I had even a penny for every time someone said something snarky about my weight/size, I could probably retire right now. Countless times people have told me to eat a burger, go on a junk food binge, etc. Nothing original, but words can sting. I’ve gotten comments at the grocery store when I was reading nutritional labels. I actually care what I put in my body. Don’t you?
I’ve never NOT had a healthy appetite. I eat plenty. And I always will, as I absolutely LOVE food. I do pay attention to what I eat, but it’s certainly not because I think I am overweight, or need to diet, or anything insane like that. I pay attention to what I eat because I want to be sure it aligns with my goals, with keeping myself healthy, with eating whole nutrient-dense foods, not processed junk.

But now this criticism is making appearances in my role as a health/fitness coach. I get side-eyed and snarky comments because I try to share the beauty of what Shakeology has done for me. I’ve gotten messages asking why I feel a need to “drink a weight loss shake”. Overlooking the fact that Shakeology is NOT just a weight loss shake… I drink it because I have seen it help with my Diabetes/blood sugar control. I have seen it help with my ability to focus. I’ve seen it help curb my cravings for junk food and candy. I have seen it help me live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

And I’ve gotten snarky comments about “why do you work out so much, you don’t need it”. Well, actually, age and gravity are BOTH gonna prove that false. I do it now so it won’t be such a difficult change later. I do it to feel good. I’m not vain; I don’t do it to look good (but I mean, if it’s a perk that comes with the territory, so be it!), I do it because as a Diabetic, I know there are some health hurdles in my future. And I am gearing up to be able to fight said hurdles to the best of my ability.

Let’s stop assuming we know the reasons why everyone does or does not do something. Let’s stop shaming people and start supporting them, yeah?

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