Truthbomb Tuesday – Sugar

Not gonna mince words here – sugar is terrible. It’s awful, and not just in the world of Diabetes! You hear it all over – how bad sugar is, what it does to your health and your body, and why you should cut it out (or at the very least, eat less).

Sugar is just empty, quickly-digested calories. It contains no protein, no enzymes, no healthy fats and no nutrients. It has no actual benefits.

It’s a tall order (but not impossible!) to cut out because sugar really does have addictive properties. What I found through drinking my Shakeology was that this satisfied many of my cravings, and once you break the addictive hold sugar has over you, you desire it less. It can be challenging to break that addiction, but it’s very much possible. I have come as far as no longer taking any sweetener with my morning coffee, a habit 20 years in the making.

Now, many people argue that sugar is omnipresent in everything (and, as I painfully found out after my diagnosis, it basically IS). But there is a difference, a GREAT difference, between naturally contained sugars, and added sugars. Yes, fruits and vegetables contain sugar, but its also balanced by vitamins and fiber contained in fruits and veggies.

How Sugar Destroys Your Health

Sadly, this is just a running list, not substantial.

I have been working on kicking my sugar habit; as I have said, it is not easy, but small consistent steps are better than nothing, and I am better off for them!

How do you do with sugars? Are you proactive in trying to keep them to a minimum?


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