Friday Fit Tip – Measure Your Progress

Fitness Tip - Measure Your Progress

I am not at all a fan of the scale. In fact, the only time I get on the scale is when I am at a doctor’s appointment and they make me. Other than that, I don’t use scales. I do measure my progress in other ways, but the scale and my weight is not one of them. I do take my measurements, and I check in regularly with them. I like to also go off of how I FEEL.

In my Challenge Groups, I post this to help remind others that the scale is not the end-all be-all of fitness (despite what some people think!)

The scale isn’t the best measurement of your efforts, and I feel it bears repeating, in general, for all of us, cause some of us tend to be way too hard on ourselves…

Like I’ve said, this is just my humble, not-a-professional opinion, but I say this as someone who has been down the road of allowing a number – a scale number, a clothing size number, etc – to depress me and take away from the progress I KNOW I have made.

Your best indicators of how your efforts are working is how you feel – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. If you have even a little more strength, even a little more stamina, if your clothing feels at all looser, if you just FEEL lighter and healthier, if you’ve noticed your mind craves less badness and more goodness, if you are able to run longer or do one more burpee, if you feel more alive and better equipped for life, if you feel more focused, if you feel more in control of yourself and your emotions, and less likely to give in to temptations, whatever single change – whatever it may be! – you have noticed from the program… those are your indicators!

One single tiny change, with consistency, compounds to a whole lot of changes! It’s the power of the Compound Effect, and it’s a real thing.

You may not be where you want to be, yet – few people are! – but you ARE closer to that goal, and it IS more within your reach, and if you stay consistent, it WILL be achieved and surpassed.

So definitely measure your progress, but don’t pay so much attention to the scale (or take my stance – pay NO attention to the scale!). Focus on how you feel, how much stronger you feel. That’s a much better indicator of your progress!


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