Motivation Monday – Sharing My Thoughts…

So apparently, being on social media, and being a blogger (despite the fact it’s really just a hobby, and a way to chronicle my own journey, so the days I feel down on myself, I can come back and see just how far I have actually come) opens me up to more scrutiny. Which is fine, I am learning to develop a thicker skin!

I dont share my thoughts because

Just to clarify, when I started blogging, I didn’t ever expect to get any followers. Like I said, I started it so I can chronicle my own journey. If it helps someone, that makes me extremely happy. It’s important, Diabetic or not, to feel like there is someone out there who has your back, someone out there who is in your corner and not going anywhere, someone who may or may not relate to what you are going through, but listens anyways.

This blog is that. I don’t post these things to try to change anyone’s mind about anything. I get a lot of doubters of Shakeology, and like I have said, you can’t really judge something until you try it, so I try not to take the doubters to heart. I never guarantee it will work for anyone else, because I can only relate MY experiences with it. Same as my workout programs – do I think they are effective? Yes, because I have seen their effects. But I don’t try to convince anyone that those are the only programs that work. I don’t try to convince people that until they jump on the bandwagon, they won’t get healthy. I’m not in business to try to change the minds of anyone who think differently. I AM in the business of reaching that scared, uncertain soul, who THINKS he/she is alone, but isn’t. Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings, and I speak from experience. My goal with this blog, is to reach out and make that person who feels isolated, feel like they are part of something bigger; something better. Because they are.

So please, don’t ever feel like you have to get defensive with me or my posts, or feel like I am trying to get you to “come to our side”. Not my goal! Similarly, I implore you to never let anyone make you feel like you have to be silent, or censored.

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