Feel Good Friday – I Dare You…

…to believe in Y O U R S E L F!

I know all too well how easy it is to believe in others, and dish out motivation and inspiration, and I am told I am really good at it. Know what I am not good at? Believing in MYSELF.

While I am getting better with it, it is quite a battle!

I dare you to believe in yourself

But it is a battle I refuse to give up on, because I think of how it will one day feel to have 100% faith in myself, to fully believe in myself, and to not be my own worst critic. I think of how awesome it will feel to be able to say “eh, I made a mistake, but it’s okay; I’m human” and ACTUALLY believe it, not just pay lip service.

Doesn’t that sound like a great concept to you? To actually believe in yourself and all you are capable of? Because, you may not know this… but your only limitation is yourself! You DO deserve all this magic!

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