Move It Monday – Bulgarian Squats

Ohhhhh my gosh, these are NO joke. I love regular squats and can do a decent number of them before getting fatigued, but with these… whew! That number is decidedly lower!

The Bulgarian split squat is a variation of the regular squat. It’s done with one leg. Done with the rear foot elevated on a bench, it builds lower body muscles without the additional stress on the back found with traditional squats.

They look so innocent, right? They are not! They burn… they are effective, but they BURN! Your glutes are gonna be on fire! They are present in my current programs The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, and also Body Beast. I curse my way through them. I literally break a sweat.

All told… I think they are worth it. There is no question that they are shaping my legs and my tush, and so I suffer through them. I don’t enjoy them but I do enjoy the results. Maybe someday I won’t dread them as much?

Have you tried this bad boy move?


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