Tip Tuesday – Holiday Baking and Cooking

Do you like to cook or bake for the Holidays? I usually bring something to parties, and I do participate in my Mom’s  Cookie Swap (my sister and I split our dozen to help control the insane amount of cookies!), but other than that I don’t bake much, because much of the stuff out there is not Diabetic-friendly, or I am not sure I can exercise self-control (I have some weaknesses….)

But a fellow Coach of mine recently put up a post with some of her Secrets (she is a cancer survivor so she tries to be super disciplined with her nutrition and knowing what she is putting in her body), and it caught my eye, because some of these are actually in the category of genius (at least in my world!)

Some of these I knew, but at least half of them I didn’t, and I am in the mindset of every little bit helps, right?
Holiday Recipe Food Swaps

Did you know about any of these? Do you have any other helpful swaps to share?

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