Thirsty Thursday – Less Guilt Egg Nog!

Dear readers… I tried like the Dickens to find a Diabetic-friendly Egg Nog recipe. Because I LOVE Egg Nog, like you wouldn’t believe!

The bad news is, there are few, if any, completely healthy versions that don’t completely take away from the tasty, delicious nature of actual Egg Nog.

The good news is, there are less offensive versions that, just as long as you are willing to exercise some self control (ie portion control) can give you the taste you want without quite as many Calories, Carbs, and Sugars.

I am a firm believer in the real thing, or as real as possible. I would much rather have a small amount of the real thing, then endless amounts of something faux. To each their own, but I thought this would make a great post for those of you who love the drink but don’t love what it does for our nutrition.

Less Guilt Egg Nog

So in the end, you still need to be smart about it, but it is still healthier than the regular, premade stuff you’ll find all over the fridge shelves at the supermarket. Every little bit counts, right?

PS, if you REALLY want to make this a splurge, you can add a little rum instead of vanilla extract – use your judgment! This recipe makes about 15 servings.

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