Wednesday Wisdom – Six P’s

I kinda love simplicity. I know in my life, I tend to over-complicate things (and/or over-think things, but thats another post for another day!). Sometimes I find myself craving getting back to the simple. And I find this concept very simple (and easy to remember!)

Six P's

I talk a lot about planning in my Accountability Groups. As you might have noticed, I am of the belief that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. And even with a plan, sometimes life gets in the way, but at least with a plan, the consequences are less.

Planning is simple (it might seem complicated but thats all in your head, I promise!) – schedule your workouts. Do  your grocery shopping. chop your veggies, portion out what you can, make it easy to grab in a hurry. Cook some stuff so it’s just a matter of reheating it on those busy days. Lay your workout clothes out overnight so they are easy to grab when it comes time to workout. It’s not as hard it as may seem, and taking that time to prepare really helps save you time on every other day.

Give it a try, I promise it will make a difference! Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.

Are you a planner?

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