5 on Friday – Thankful Edition

In November, more emphasis is put on things we are thankful for. Obviously, its better to practice being thankful year round (which I definitely try to do!), and maybe we can work on making this a year round thing? We shall see…

5 things I am thankful for at the moment are:

  1. A patient, loving husband – he is my rock, and he has absolutely no qualms about stepping in and stepping up when I am not feeling well, helping to nourish me back to health. I mean, I could be here forever listing all the reasons I am grateful for this dude, but currently, this is at the top of my list.
  2. A love of veggies – I see this so much – people who dislike veggies and struggle to get them in. I have always, even as a young child, loved most veggies (I only didn’t like Brussels sprouts, broccoli raab, and asparagus growing up – I have since come around on Brussels and Asparagus, but Broccoli Raab remains too bitter for me…) so I have always had no problem getting my servings in, and then some. But because I have always loved them, I struggle to relate to people who don’t and so have to be creative in getting their servings in (Shakeology is a great way to do this). I really can’t imagine how hard it must be to have to eat so much of something you don’t enjoy, because we need veggies – we need the nutrients, the vitamins, all the goodness.
  3. My Beachbody Teammates/Co-Coaches – they pick me up when I doubt myself and remind myself that I am on a mission, for good reason, and that people, Diabetics and non-Diabetics alike, NEED me. Sometimes I forget this, or struggle to feel like I am being heard, but they always pick me up, and we motivate each other, and it’s nice – it’s amazing having such a profound support group.
  4. A warm bed and a roof over my head – I know, pretty basic, but we take it for granted a lot. Some people don’t have that, so I never want to forget how lucky I am that I do. I work hard to provide for a roof over my head, and I appreciate that I have the ability to do so.
  5. Living in an area that has seasons – Okay fine, the winter one can get old quickly (still smarting from last winter’s shenanigans), but truthfully, I do love winter (just not 5 feet of snow within a couple of days at once…), and I am grateful to live in a place that has different seasons… I love to see flowers bloom and things come to life in the Spring, Summer brings unlimited amounts of fun (and we live in a state with 400+ sq miles of coastline, so no shortage!), Fall brings beauty with its foliage and its seasonal protection, and there is an innocent beauty of a city blanketed in snow – pure, white, untouched snow. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, especially a locale that only has one season. Not for me, sorry!

What are you thankful for at the moment?

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