Motivation Monday – Believe In Yourself

I used to be this person. Broken, beaten, and seeing no real reason to continue on. And then came a pivotal moment in my life – I was diagnosed as a Diabetic. I wish I could say that that instantly propelled me to action, that I was instantly ready to come out swinging, but no… I was shell shocked for several days, and the feeling of defeat was incredibly present.

But then came another pivotal moment in my life – the change in my mindset. Did I think it sucked that I was a Diabetic? Honestly, yes. Did I think it was a little unfair? Unfortunately, I am guilty of that. But something inside of me clicked and I remembered a simple phrase an old friend had taught me – Life asks of you only what it knows you can handle – and while truthfully, I could deal with having much fewer “tests” – the fact that after all I have been through I am still standing, not jaded, not throwing in the towel… that says something, to me.

It tells me I am a fighter. It tells me I have the determination to get through this, and anything else that might find its way in my path. You have to believe in yourself – it doesn’t matter how much anyone else believes in you – Y O U have to believe in Y O U R S E L F.

Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Your challenges become exponentially easier when you have belief in yourself on your side!


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