Thursday Thoughts – Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Dont be too hard on yourself

Ugh…. I wish this wasn’t so true, but it is. We live in a society that is constantly trying to one-up, take away from our achievements, and minimize our successes. It’s maddening (and I say this often!)

It boggles my mind that somewhere along the line, we were conditioned to believe that our successes negate anyone elses. That somehow, us being better takes away from how great they are. It doesn’t work that way. If more people in the world were more content to just achieve their own goals, and make their own greatness, instead of minimizing other people’s, the world would be an i n f i n i t e l y better place. I am positive of it.

I feel more and more grateful every day that I was raised to celebrate others and their achievements. I will be the first to offer a high five, and a “way to go!”. In fact, I do use other people’s success to drive my own inspiration, but not so I can beat them or be better than them. But so I can better MYSELF.

I know a little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and don’t get me wrong, I can be very competitive, but there is a big difference between friendly competition, and outright devaluing someone’s hard work.

Don’t be one of those people who feel they can only get to the top on the backs of others! Love yourself, and be proud of yourself. Keep striving for greater things. The sky is the limit, and even that’s negotiable! 🙂


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