Tip Tuesday – Eat Your Veggies

Helpful tips to maximize your vegetable intake:

As usual, making something easy to do is about forging new habits. Below you’ll find some of the simplest habits that’ll have you happily munching on more fruit and veg in the least amount of time. Once you’ve chiseled out these habits, getting your 8 a day really will be as natural to you as making a cup of coffee, or whipping up a sandwich.

Simple ways to eat more veggies:

  • Tip 1: Always add a serving of fruit or veg to (or with) your breakfast. This is definitely one of the easiest habits that’ll instantly give you 1-2 extra servings. Fruits and veggies can be blended to make a smoothie/shake, berries can be added to oatmeal, fruits and veggies can both be eaten plain, etc. And remember, fruit juice doesn’t count! We’re after real, whole food here. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, starting your day off with a serving of fruits and veggies is a really smart way to go.
  • Tip 2: Base every snack on either fruit or veg. While occasionally it’s fine to have a splurge snack, that needs to be the exception, not the rule. If you’re going to snack, make it real food. Have veggie sticks & hummus, 1/2 an avocado, a handful of grapes, or an apple with some almond butter. Healthy food doesn’t need to be difficult. So keep it simple to keep it quick.
  • Tip 3: Snack on veg sticks while preparing your dinner. This is an insanely simple tool that is grossly underutilized. When you’re in the kitchen with your chopping board out and a knife in hand, chop up some extra veg sticks to munch as you cook. Make it half a bell pepper one day (good luck stopping me at just half a bell pepper!), some cucumber another, or whatever else you have at hand. See, its actually not that hard! 🙂
  • Tip 4: If your meal is saucy, serve it on a base of grated veg. I’m a big fan of saucy meals. Curries, stews, even homemade Chinese dishes with a lot of sauce (healthy homemade sauce of course!) can lend themselves to this super quick technique. Simply wash and grate some raw veg, carrot, courgette or beetroot for example, or finely slice some Asian leafy greens or purple cabbage, pile them into the bottom of a large bowl, and top with your hot saucy meal. Takes a total of about 2 minutes, and you’ve got an extra 2-3 servings right there. There is also a tool called the Veggetti which can be used to make linguine out of zucchini, squash, etc. GREAT tool.

How are YOU doing with eating your veggies? Do you have a favorite way to eat them?

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