Motivation Monday – I workout

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I played horseshoes the other day; about an hour or so. No pain playing, and no pain the next day. This is HUGE because due to a car accident in 2007, there was quite a long time period during which I could barely toss a wiffle ball without having back spasms and back pain.

In fact, when Rebecca approached me about trying Beachbody products in September of 2013, I was very reluctant to do strenuous exercise, and I told her as much. I told her my back pain/spasms are very easily triggered.

But my consistent exercise has strengthened my core, and made me stronger, and THAT is why I make it a point to exercise 3-5 times a week! I don’t do it for the muscles (though it IS a nice bonus!), I do it to be the strongest, healthiest, happiest me I can be, which enables me to do more things in life that I enjoy, and not have to pass due to injury.

And no, this doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistency and dedication, add a little determination.. and it WILL.

Stay with it – it is VERY MUCH worth it  to better the quality of your life!


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