Saturday Snack Spotlight – Dehydrated Snacks!

So, we got a food dehydrator for our bridal shower (I was DYING to have one so of course it was on my registry!)

Close friends of ours (one of whom is a chef!) got it for us and we are SO excited! The possibilities are pretty much endless with this thing.

I love that I can control what goes in stuff such as seasoning for beef jerky, and all of that. I like that I am in control, and I can make healthy, portable snacks for myself!

We recently took a test run with some beef jerky (the future husband is a NUT for beef jerky), and it came out great! There is a bit of a learning curve but I think in no time we will master it!

Next up is strawberries, banana with cinnamon, grapes… Ohhh, I am so excited, can you tell?!

Do you dehydrate anything?

This is what we have, the Ronco Food Dehydrator… 5 trays of awesomeness! 🙂


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