Wednesday Wisdom – Hair

Did you know that hair is the second-fastest growing tissue in your body? Because of this, it requires a lot of energy. This healthy-hair diet will help keep your mane healthy, beautiful, and flowing!

Breakfast: Oatmeal + Strawberries – Oats are very rich in Iron, which carries oxygen to the follicles. Plus, the Vitamin C in the berries increases iron absorption, maximizing the benefits of this one-two punch combo!

Lunch: Spinach Salad + Grilled Chicken – This ones simple… the spinach is full of Iron, and the chicken is pure protein. Perfect for healthy hair!

Snack: Carrots + Hummus – The veggies supply vitamin , which helps maintain the health of your scalp, while hummus is chock full of Iron.

Dinner: Salmon + Broccoli – Salmon has Vitamin D, which helps promote hair growth, and the broccoli is a TOTAL Iron powerhouse. Boom!



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