Sweat It Out Saturday – Nashville

I have been in Nashville for Beachbody’s Coach Summit for a few days now… the last two days I worked out with Shaun T and Chalene – both are amazing, energizing, fantastic little powerhouses of enthusiasm for fitness, and I had an absolute BLAST working out with them.

Shaun T’s T-25 program is, as you might know, what got me turned onto home fitness programs, and Beachbody. I love the guy, you can tell he lives for what he does! He sure worked our bodies, but it is WE who are reaping the benefits!

Chalene is who I go to when I need a good workout but am in a time crunch… her HIIT 15 minute program is amazing, I never thought I could work up such a sweat in just 15 minutes but low and behold, I do! Her energy is contagious, and she’s incredibly relatable! Love her.

Now that we got our workouts in, its time to head out and explore a bit before the Beachbody Celebration tonight. SO grateful and thankful to be part of such an awe-inspiring, amazing network of passionate coaches!

Cheers to being healthy, happy, and fit!


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