Perks Of Being A Diabetic – A1c Score Today!

I know, it’s the little things, right? Haha… I do not look forward to being stuck with a needle, but I do look forward to seeing my progress (or lack thereof…) but I am pretty confident that my score will be decent today, because I have really amped up my healthy lifestyle lately, so we shall see.

I know, it’s okay if it’s not what I am expecting, it doesn’t mean I’m not doing my best, it’s just a number… I won’t let it upset me if its not what I am hoping for. Doing so isn’t helpful, this I know now πŸ™‚

Until later…

(what, I just thought he was kinda adorable haha)


2 thoughts on “Perks Of Being A Diabetic – A1c Score Today!

  1. I like your last paragraph it is very true. Diabetics beat themselves up over slight inperfections but we do need to realise sometimes that it is just a number. It is a really positive way to be thinking about such a daunting concept!
    My A1c is going to be checked on Thursday after a year of inconsistency in my diabetes management. Wish me luck

    Wishing you good health πŸ˜€


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