A Splendid Saturday!

The pedicure hasn’t happened yet because this morning we opted to go to a local farm (a farm I grew up going to for fresh fruits and veggies no less) to pick some strawberries! Then, we headed to the water to gather some rocks (smoothed by the salt water!) for a wedding project. So I did get my Vitamin D, plus I got super sweet, fresh berries out of it and one more thing checked off the wedding to-do list! That’s way more important than a pedicure 🙂

Tonight is Dead/Phish night at a local venue, and we will of course be heading to that, so I’ll be dancing my way around, enjoying a great Saturday night after a splendid Saturday!

Live the life you love. I promise, you can do it. Live your life by d e s i g n, not d e f a u l t.

gathering rocks
Gathering sea-smoothed stones for a wedding project. Waves crashing = most peaceful sound on Earth.
strawberry harvest
Our delicious strawberry harvest! I could eat all of these RIGHT NOW… but I won’t… I will exercise some self control…

What an outstanding day so far… how is yours going?

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