Truthbomb Tuesday – Strawberry Vent

strawberry BS

This infuriates me. It boggles my mind and it ticks me off.

Real talk here: what LOOKS more appetizing to you? The organic strawberry? In it’s pure, bright red, unmodified form? Or the conventional strawberry, in all it’s red-orange glory, replete with laundry list of “ingredients”? And how is it a STRAWBERRY has so many “ingredients” anyways?!

This image is of strawberries but, this is a SAD reminder of what the food world is right now. It’s backwards. We are forced to label the organic stuff, but the stuff that’s been pumped full of who knows WHAT, that gets to remain unlabeled. It’s ridiculous. I could go into a long diatribe right now, but I don’t think the hit to my blood pressure is worth it.

This is, point blank, ridiculous. And a very, very large reason of why I grow as much of my stuff as I can… and someday when we buy a house, and have a bigger yard, I will grow almost EVERYTHING I need.

So disheartening. Thanks for letting me vent.




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