Tip Tuesday – Healthy Eating

For some people, these tips might seem obvious/secondnature… but if I can educate even one person and help their journey be a little smoother, that’s my goal!

Some simple tips:

  • Spread carbohydrates throughout your day. It’s okay to eat carbohydrates at every meal, just don’t eat too much all at one time. (My nutritionist has me on a 30-45g/per meal carbohydrates plan.)
  • Protein, fat, and fiber do not raise blood sugar as much as carbohydrate does. If you eat a lot of these nutrients in a meal, your blood sugar will rise more slowly than it would otherwise.
  • Limit saturated fats, such as those from fatty meats, whole-milk dairy products, and butter. Instead, eat lean meat or grilled chicken and fish. Choose low-fat or non-fat milk, yogurt and cheese (I prefer Almond/Coconut milk, myself). Replace butter or margarine with healthy oils such as olive oil or coconut oil (my personal fave!). Replacing saturated fats with healthy oils is important to help lower your risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, those of us who are diabetics are at a higher-than-average risk for heart disease.
  • As mentioned in previous tips, choose whole grains over refined grains – this simple change makes a HUGE difference, really!

Do you have any helpful tips?

12 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday – Healthy Eating

      1. When I was first diagnosed as Diabetic, I truly did think Carbs were the devil, and as you know, they are EVERYWHERE… so it was overwhelming, of course. Tried cutting carbs completely (and promptly had several episodes of hypoglycemia – NOT fun)… finally learned about balance, clean sources, and staying active to be able to burn the carbs off. Enlightening, to say the least!

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      2. I am right there with you. I pretty much cut them out completely, but have learned that they are an important part of the diet. They have to be healthy carbs and not sugary things like cookies and such. I still keep a low carb intake, but not as low as I used to and I am seeing positive results.

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      3. That’s exactly what I have done! Aren’t we so smart? šŸ™‚

        Agreed, cutting them out completely was disastrous, and I wouldn’t recommend doing so. I aim for between 30-45g per meal, per my nutritionist/endocrinologist, and it seems to work very well (along with several other lifestyle changes!)


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  1. Thank you!! I also suffer from ADD it seems like when I do something I am all in count the carbs the calories watch,write and repeat. Thankfully with medication, my ADD is adjusting who knew I had lived with this my entire life and it wasn’t just a matter of avoiding red dye! My weakness is Little Debbie!! I would go carb free all day for one of the sweet treats! (not the answer) Working on readjusting my way of doing things!!


  2. Drink more water!! Check out my #gallonchallenge I hosted last month- it’s so important to chug the jug hehe!!


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