Thursday Thoughts – Luck

Okay so…. I have derided my luck my whole life. It hasn’t been stellar, like at all. But I don’t think I was always as conscious that I play such a big role in whether I have luck or not. It was really one of those epiphany type things that comes with getting a little older (by “older” in this instance, I really mean being removed from the crazy, debilitating chaos of my 20’s).

This formula was a quote in one of my Darren Daily subscriptions. I don’t know where it originated, or if he is the originator or not, but it resonated with me in a really profound way. So I thought I would share, since maybe someone else out there can benefit from this, instead of constantly cursing their “bad” luck. Maybe changing their mindset will change everything.

Worth a shot, no? Happy Thursday guys…. make it great!


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