Tip Tuesday – Cross Training Shoe Tips and Guides

Recently, I jumped in the market for cross-trainers. To provide some backstory – my whole life I have hated shoes and sneakers and anything where my feet weren’t free and unconfined. I get it from my mama, who is the same exact way. Sandals, flip flops, or barefoot. That’s my happy place for my feet. I wear sandals late into the season; I pretty much only don’t wear them when there is snow on the ground, but late fall, early spring, I am in them. People ask me all the time if my feet are cold. They aren’t. 🙂

But anyways, I do my workouts with the shoes I have (I can count on one hand the number of sneakers I have owned in my life, and I am almost 33…) but they cause pain on the sides of my feet, and I was getting frustrated. I prefer to workout barefoot, but I know that’s not safe, and I know as a Diabetic, I need to take care of my feet for now and for the future.

So, on the market I went for Cross-Trainers. Bought a pair, tried them, was almost in tears with pain, so I returned them. Either the sides were painful (I have slightly wide feet) or part of the show dug into my ankle bone. I tried several pairs, and I have yet to find one that agrees with me, but we are working on it!

But when I started my search, several of my friends and family members chimed in (I’m friends with a lot of fitness people, what can I say?!), and I got a boatload of good suggestions. A friend also recommended this link to help me Cross Training Shoe Tips and Guides – to help me figure out what the best shoe for me was, and I did find it helpful (despite my lack of success thus far, which is moreso due to my actual feet literally hating shoes, not lack of options and variety out there), so I thought I would pass it along in case anyone else is on the market for new sneakers 🙂


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