Simple Saturday – Love Them!

This girl right here is a huge, huge fan of Saturday mornings. As someone who commutes to work, and deals with traffic (especially bad in the summer, as I work in a very summer tourist-laden area), I appreciate the slightly slower pace of Saturday mornings. My fiancé and I usually lounge in bed a little longer, and meander out to get our coffees and just enjoy some quality time, instead of the usual hustle and bustle of the workweek. Sometimes I get myself outta bed early, get my workout in, and then go back to snuggle a bit.

Saturday Morning

Then who knows what Saturday brings… usually the errands I didn’t get to over the week, and the free time fills up fast, but there is something so awesome about a Saturday morning, knowing you have two quality days ahead of you with which to get stuff done, take time for yourself, run errands, visit with friends and family; all sorts of fun stuff. It’s a peaceful easy feeling waking up on Saturday, and I love it!

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