Feel Good Friday – My Latest 21 Day Fix Round

We recently finished another round of the 21 Day Fix in my Challenge Group… and after a long winter full of comfort foods and such, I really needed to clean my eating up a bit. I feel absolutely FABULOUS, and I can see some definition coming in my abs, and my back too. It felt great to get back into it and eliminate some of the poor habits I may have fallen into this winter.

21 DF After

This is my “after” picture – after 21 days. I am happy with my results and we are gearing up for another group now, starting 6 April 2015. Would you like to join us? Our last Challenge Group did AMAZING, and everyone was so happy with their results and so thankful to have the group to vent to, get recipes from, share motivation, tips etc… they also all unanimously agreed that being part of an accountability group is a game changer that helped them stick to their goals instead of giving up a few days in when it gets tough.

I have said this dozens of times – the support and accountability makes all the difference in the world. Any fitness regimen is challenging. Having a group to hold you accountable helps you overcome the feelings of wanting to quit, and keeps you in line with your goals. We all need help with that 🙂


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