A1c Bloodwork Today…

I typically have 8am appointments, but this is a rescheduled appointment from one that was cancelled due to one (of many!) snowstorms that plagued New England… so this won’t be a fasted score. My appointment is at noon, so I am having a simple breakfast, drinking my coffee, drinking my water, and heading in to my appointment after doing some work from home.

I take these appointments to heart – as much as I wish I didn’t. Due to stressful situations in life, sometimes my results are a bit skewed, and I get upset by that. But I am determined not to let my score upset me if it isn’t within an acceptable (to me!) range – I will continue to use it as motivation to strive harder and get healthier (my mom made me promise I wouldn’t get upset, and well, you don’t break a promise to your mama!)

Until later…


4 thoughts on “A1c Bloodwork Today…

  1. My last set of results were better than the last two times I went. It feels good when that happens.
    You’re right though. It is easy to take it to heart. You feel like you’ve failed and that number can be such a harsh judgement. Your best is all you can do, and with diabetes sometimes it’s hard to prove that you’re doing your best with the numbers you get everyday.
    Good luck. πŸ™‚

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