Thursday Thoughts – Nicole Ari Parker

We’re all moving at such a high rate that we have to grab the frozen dinners and the McDonald’s. We can’t make it a way of life – we have to get back to real, simple, clean good foods. It will save our lives on so many levels; not just spina bifida, but obesity, diabetes, everything. Food is our medicine. – Nicole Ari Parker

I couldn’t agree with this more! As someone trying to shift her lifestyle and nutrition habits so that I do not have to take pharmacy medication, there is a lot of wisdom in what she is saying. Now, I am not saying I never eat fast food, because on occasion I do… but its important to note that this is definitely the exception to my life and not the rule – the majority of my meals are healthy and home cooked, because that just tastes so much better to me. I do what I can to encourage my friends and my family to eat as much healthy, fresh food as possible. Because yes, we are all busy, and life really is moving at a frantic pace, but it is all about preparation – if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Cut up fruits and veggies and put them in snack containers – easy access for on the go, instead of hitting the drive-thru. It is doable, I promise 🙂


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