Workout Wednesday – Les Mills Pump

Today’s workout spotlight is on one that I only recently discovered, and I am so, so happy that I did. While I can handle weights just fine, the idea of using a barbell completely overwhelmed me, and made me nervous I was going to hurt myself. My friend Tina swears up and down by the Les Mills programs, and, curious, I took a peek – they DID look like a lot of fun…

So I got Les Mills Combat first, and then Les Mills Pump. Pump sat in it’s box for a month or so, because I was so incredibly intimidated. Maybe it’s because the barbell is almost the same height as me (a whopping 5’1!). I finally opened the package and put it together, and then put off actually using it for several more weeks. I know – what a wimp, right?!

Finally I popped that DVD into my DVD player and went for it. AND I LOVE IT. No joke, my first thought was “You were afraid of THIS?!” – and then I laughed at myself. I feel like this just goes to show that any fear is mental.

It’s a really good workout; my arms and shoulders and back were feeling it, but they are also looking, and feeling STRONG. I have gotten several compliments on my arms and shoulders, and it’s winter! As a bride who is getting married this Fall, of course I want to look my absolute best in my strapless wedding gown, and I feel like Les Mills Pump is exactly the tool I need for that!

Have you ever tried a Les Mills program? If so, which one? What did you think?

If you were wanting to give Pump or Combat a try, message me today so we can get you the best deal! You will love it just like I do!


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