Feel Good Friday – Chicken Noodle Soup

If you aren’t from the Northeast region of the United States, you may not be able to relate to the crazy, unrelenting weather we have been having. I’m not complaining, per se, because I know it is a part of the weather where I choose to live. However, snowstorm after snowstorm, terrible driving conditions, shoveling day after day, and days where the sun doesn’t even show it’s face for a minute sometimes wears your psyche down. I confess, I have fallen victim to this lately. It’s piggybacking on top of other challenging situations in life, so they have basically combined forces to sap my happiness, my energy, and my willpower.

The culmination of that came this week when I was feeling under the weather on top of everything else, and I just felt beat down; I felt broken. I like to think I typically handle what life throws at me with grace and dignity, but even I have my limits. So when I felt sick, I wanted a familiar comfort, and it was perfect for the weather. Enter the classic favorite – Chicken Noodle Soup! I couldn’t find my copy of my mama’s recipe, so I went with a different one designed for the crockpot (because like I’ve said, New England winters + crockpots = best combination ever!)

Never fails! Instant dose of happiness.
Never fails! Instant dose of happiness.

I found a recipe that boasted being the ‘best crockpot chicken noodle soup’ and well, those are some lofty claims there, girl! I figured I would have to test this out, so I did. I altered Family Fresh Meals recipe slightly by using just a little more parsley, a little more olive oil, and a little more salt and pepper; nothing major.

My opinion? Those lofty claims seem pretty accurate… this was a really good, fragrant, hearty yet light soup – I felt super full after one bowl (and some Italian bread), but I didn’t feel weighed down and heavy, which is nice, especially since that feeling has been way too familiar lately! I really enjoyed it and I think my fiancé did too – he had 2 bowls and we both took some for lunch today!

The link to the recipe is above as the website name, or here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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