Sunday Shakeology – Salted Caramel

Caramel… is my absolute favorite. It always has been, and I suspect it always will be. I love it, its delicious! When a co-coach first suggested trying some in my Shakeology, I was like… really? That seems messy… and then she clued me in to the crazy fact that there is something called caramel extract that will provide the flavoring without the stickiness. How did I not know that this stuff existed?! So I got some… I was skeptical, very much so.

Caramel is the best flavor ever!
Caramel is the best flavor ever!

End result? IT REALLY DOES TASTE LIKE CARAMEL. I don’t know why I was so surprised, I mean, mint extract tastes like mint, and vanilla extract tastes like vanilla, so why was this so hard to imagine? No idea… but I am hooked.

Today’s recipe provides a rich, sweet, and salty concoction that I could drink daily. So yummy. I prefer it with Chocolate Shakeology, but it’s good with Vanilla too!


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