Healthier Super Bowl Snacks

For me, appetizer-type food is a real weakness. And I mean a REAL weakness. It goes beyond the flavors and tastes, I think a lot of it has to do with the ability to eat it without utensils, plates, etcetera. But it doesn’t matter, the point is I love appetizers!


Super Bowl Sunday is one of my absolute favorite events – regardless of whether my team is in it or not – for this very reason! This day is ripe for all kinds of foods, and appetizers are certainly no exception. The problem is, not many of the offerings are healthy and it’s really easy to lose control and undo your health efforts, which usually leads to bad feelings and self loathing.

I of course intend to indulge a bit (and double up on my workouts), but I also like to offer some healthier eats too. Team Beachbody has provided these and has provided these.

Tell me what’s your favorite Super Bowl snack?

ps… Go Patriots! 🙂

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